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Betty Dunn hopes her articles in and her books--a self-published memoir, and Bible study on nameless women--help you hold hands with God, a theme in Medusa. A former high school English teacher, editor, and public relations writer, she is now working on writing projects from her home in West Michigan, where she enjoys woods, water, pets, and family. Check out her blog at Betty's Blessings and her website,

  Medusa, a Memoir
  Self-published in December 2019

Medusa Natalie Print.jpg

The image of Medusa, a gorgon in ancient Greek mythology, haunts Meridith MacLeod as she struggles with a cancer diagnoses in middle age and  childhood memories of her mother's cancer. Meridith searches for answers to why bad things happen, daring to face her imaginary Medusa, who turns people into stone when they dare to face the truth and look at her. Journey with Meredith as she travels to the depths of despair and back again to the surface as a blessed, whole person.

Illustration by Natalie Schrunk



A moving and engaging page-turner that draws on an impressive breath of literary, philosophical, and religious works to illuminate the protagonist's life.   Bill Steinmetz


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