How did I get here?
That was a question that came up frequently when I lived out of my home state of Michigan for sixteen years. With two kids in two, I followed a husband in his career path from state to state, working as a teacher and technical editor in my spare time.


Where am I? was an even more common question. (I still get lost on a regular basis.) My roots grew more shallow by the year and my marriage eroded. I went from job to kid's activity to home in a joyless, endless progression to unhappiness. 


It took a couple crises for me to realize what's important. Writing has helped me sort it all out. On paper, life not only makes more sense, but thinking about the past gives me reasons to be very grateful. We can't do it alone. Having God holding my hand makes happiness possible.

Peace and blessings,









The youngest person in this family photo is my mother, Margaret MacKay Beaton, on the farm where she grew up on Cape Mabou, Nova Scotia.

At top: Charlie Beaton before he took his daughters along fishing.

Sisters in the Sixties. Young ladies in the Seventies.

My children inherited their grandparents' love of animals and nature.

At bottom: Pack lightly. That's advise from Medusa.