Medusa has touched the hearts of readers in ways I hadn't predicted when I started journaling this memoir during sleepless nights after receiving a scary medical diagnosis. Growing up with illness in my family, I dreaded the health journey ahead of me, and writing down my thoughts in a journal relieved some of my worries.

What actually happened in the years after the leukemia diagnosis is something else I never predicted, Meredith MacLeod learns--after struggling for years--how to flourish in a new, challenging life. Her parents and oldest sister travel ahead of Meredith in this same adventure, as the early chapters of the memoir reveal. It is Meredith's own faith, however, that lifts her from the depths of despair to a wide, shimmering sea of hope in the memoir's conclusion.

I'VE WRITING A BOOK about Nameless Women of the Bible--a devotional with journal topics, modern extensions, reflection articles, and skits!! Each of the 26 chapters gives voice to an amazing woman of the Bible, many of whom were kept quiet in traditional Bible study. These women come out of the background and take over--twisting  the plots of their stories in a uniquely feminine way. I hope to bring out this book in 2021.